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Machines for sale and hire

We know the trust between partners, which is why every day we make sure that you the customer is always 100 % happy with doing business with us.

We understand how hard it is to buy used equipment online because you cannot inspect the machine for yourselves. However we promise to keep you up to date on your machine through emails and by taking high quality photos and videos showing everything you need on your machine.

If you wish to fly and visit us personally, this is not a problem as we can arrange free pick up and drop off at London airports and return your money for your tickets if you purchase a machine from us.

We know how frustrating it is to not be able to keep in touch with the seller which is why you can contact us through multiple different ways such as Skype, telephone and emails which we will reply to as soon as possible.

We also advise our clients on which machines will be perfect for the task at hand and not just selling any old stock.

We have all facilities in our yard for loading, unloading and dismantling.

We do not forget about our customers after a sale is made, if you need any replacement parts we can which is hard to find in your country we can find it for you and send it to you. For every purchase we issue a VAT invoice ?export? to zero (provided you have a EUR NIP) we can sort out all logistic problems with transport we work together with many transport companies so if you prefer to have your machines delivered by land or sea it is not a problem for us.

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